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Benefits of an introduction and partnership with

A Promise Kept Recruiting include:

Confidentiality & Support

  • Recognizing the challenges you face in your career search for a better suited opportunity and lending an ear to learn what you are looking for in the next step in your career.

  • Relieving you of professional related stresses and the time consuming search for a new challenging career opportunity.

  • Giving you confidence. APK keeps your career search confidential, while introducing you to organizations who will give you an opportunity to boost your career growth and land the career of your dreams!

Bussinessman in Modern Office

Gain Advantage in a Competitive Market

  • Being an advocate for you: APK is highly driven to work diligently on your behalf to match each career seeker with a stimulating career at an elite organization.

  • Maintaining trusted partnerships with organizations. APK ensures you will be introduced to exclusive opportunities kept confidential to the general public.

  • Developing close-knit relationships with career seekers, allowing APK the opportunity to understand the unique personality and specific needs and goals of each career seeker APK partners with. This knowledge gives APK the advantage and ability to hone in on making a match that is ideal for both the career seeker and organization.

Guidance and Feedback

  • APK ensures you are prepped and prepared for your introduction to an organization. The interview process allows career seekers and organizations the opportunity to evaluate one another to determine if there is a match.

  • Open communication with organizations ensures APK can provide career seekers feedback after your interview in the event the opportunity wasn't the right fit.

  • APK encourages and guides career seekers to apply feedback in a manner to allow you to showcase all you have to offer to organizations on your next interview to set you up for success!

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